Energy Audits

We specialize in utility cost analysis related to the consumption of electricity, natural gas, central heating, and sewage, as well as undertaking appropriate actions aimed at the optimisation of these costs. Upon request we can deliver an up-to-date analysis of utility management in the company. The solutions we offer allow you to lower costs through the use of simple or more complex measures, applied in a shorter or longer timeframe, respectively.

Our specialists are entered on the list maintained by the Ministry of Infrastructure and can, according to the applicable regulations, draw up such documents as:

  • energy certificates, and
  • energy audits.

The training, qualifications and experience of the auditors ensure that we can offer our clients the highest quality of service.



In terms of energy consumption we analyse the condition of the facilities and the power grid, and can evaluate the expected scale of the reductions in energy consumption with the use of the measures recommended by the auditor. Upon the client’s request, we deliver:

  • A general analysis, comprising an analysis of existing agreements, rates applied, price list, evaluation of work organization in terms of energy consumption, as well as an evaluation of the condition of the facilities and the power grid for energy consumption;
  • Assessment of all evaluated elements on the level of energy consumption;
  • An action plan, aimed at decreasing energy consumption and costs in that regard, along with proposed solutions and their costs (cost-free actions, organizational changes, investments, overhauls, etc.).

We offer support in choosing the electricity supplier, as well as, upon request, conducting negotiations regarding electricity rates.

Moreover, our auditors also perform cost analyses related to natural gas, water and sewage. After having examined these in a manner similar to the evaluation of electricity and heat consumption, we propose solutions aimed at delivering savings in these areas.